Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Red Siberian Pole Tomato Update

Red Siberian Pole tomato
My balcony garden this season was a flop.  I had too many interests, too little time, and was too busy with work. My plants on the balcony suffered from neglect and drought.  As colder weather came, and we had several frost advisories, many of the remainder of my balcony plants died - despite being under a roof. However, the other day I noticed that my resilient, hardy Red Siberian Pole tomato by Botanical Interests had blooms!  Now, not only does it have blossoms, but it has tiny green tomatoes.  If you are looking for a hardy pole tomato, this has got to be it!

The Tomato Update Timeline

I had written a previous update about these little tomato sprouts then plants. You can read the entire article in June if you want to. But the summary is:

  • March - I bought my first packet of Botanical Interests seeds
  • unknown date - a planted 3 seeds
  • April 26th - all 3 seeds had sprouted 
  • Beginning of June - I replanted the sprouts
  • June 28th - the plants were growing and hardy -despite the neglect
  • July 31st - I posted an update with the little red tomatoes - the few tomatoes - I got from the other plants. And the little green tomatoes on my Red Siberian

I was so busy and neglectful of my plants on the balcony this year. Only my mint, hibiscus, and Wave petunias survived and thrived. Clearly, those plants like dry periods between waterings. My other two tomato plants turned to tall, brown sticks. But this little heirloom pole tomato would not give up.

In fact, this little Red Siberian pole tomato put on little tomatoes. They ripened and were healthy fruit - no bugs, no spots, no rot.  I tasted them. Because of the severe neglect, they were very small and had tough skins.  I am sure that is only due to the lack of water they received.

In hindsight, I should have saved those seeds. Those little tomatoes grew in the very worst conditions.

Very recently, after having had some frost advisories, and temperature swings from frost to 70 F degree days, I went out onto the balcony to begin emptying the dead plants from the pots so I could store the pots for winter.  Lo and behold, that little tomato plant had a TON of blooms!

I have since moved the plant indoors, to a bedroom window that receives bright morning light. The photo is of the little green tomatoes on that plant.  If I remember to water it and if the cat leaves it alone, I may end up with fresh tomatoes.  I once before had a tomato plant inside, and fresh tomatoes approaching Thanksgiving.  It looks like that may happen again. Cross your fingers for me.

Botanical Interests Heirloom Tomato Seeds

I am completely sold on the Botanical Interests heirloom tomato seeds. I may try a balcony garden again next year. Maybe not.  I will definitely plant these seeds at The Shack, when I finally move up there. These little tomatoes will be perfect for my little retirement homestead.


  1. I should look into these for next year. I tend to wait until too late to plant seeds, so maybe I'll make a note on the calendar for this coming spring. Congratulations on getting your plant with its little tomatoes all the way into late November!

  2. What a wonderful gardening story! We all have times in our lives that we can't care for plants and flowers the way we really want to, or even need to. How fabulous that your little trooper tomato plant hung in there for you regardless. I hope you have delicious tomatoes for Thanksgiving!

  3. What fun to have fresh tomatoes growing in November! I must remember the name of this tomato plant. Perhaps I'll try one myself next Spring.

  4. wow, tomatoes in November, how wonderful!