Sunday, October 9, 2016

Skeletons for Halloween Balcony Decorating

Skeletons for your balcony
I love how some people go all out and decorate their homes for Halloween. While a balcony doesn't offer much space for extensive decorating, a few items can make a big impact. These items are especially meaningful if the pieces you choose are special to you, are unique, or have personality. Skeletons and skulls are perfect for adding to that creepy Halloween mood. The following skeletons have that special something.

Crazy Bonez Skeletal Rat

Skeletons are creepy. Rats are creepy.  Make them even creepier by combining the two!  This 11.5" tall decoration will add interest to your budget balcony. Imagine him peeking out from between your planters or perched on your table.  He is definitely an interesting little guy.

rat skeleton

Skeleton with a Lantern Rising from the Ground

This skeleton would look great either looking toward the neighbors or turned, and looking at you form the balcony through your balcony door.  This guy measures just less than 12" x 13", so he could be rising from the dirt in one of your empty planters.  Or with just a small amount of effort, a low container could be filled with sand and a headstone added. Voila, you have a skeleton rising from the grave.

sinister skull & lantern

Mr. & Mrs. All Hallow's Eve Garden Gnomes

These two are packed full of interest and creepiness.  They are a bit pricier than my budget balcony wallet usually considers, but these two make up for it in the amount of personality they have.  At 18" tall, they are a great size for a balcony.

garden Skel-A-Gnomes

Full Figure Skeleton

This guy is a 5' tall skeleton who will look great attached to the roof of your balcony or seated in a chair. This skeleton is not posable but because it is life-sized he can look posed seating in a chair or on a bench.  

5' tall skeleton

Add to these figures a jack-o-lantern and some spiderwebs. Or a string of Halloween lights wrapped around your railing and bunch of cornstalks propped up in the corner and you have turned your balcony into a festive holiday space.