Friday, June 30, 2017

Portulaca Grandiflora - Excellent Choice for the Budget Balcony

my neglected Moss Rose
One of the difficulties with growing plants in containers on a balcony or patio is trying to keep up with watering them sufficiently. Plants in containers tend to dry out more quickly so they tend to need more frequent watering. It doesn't take long for a container plant to wilt and die from lack of water. Fortunately, I have found that the Portulaca Grandiflora (Moss Rose) continues to thrive on my balcony, even when I've not watered it as I should.

What are Portulaca Grandiflora?

Portulaca Grandiflora are also called Moss Rose. In the past, I wasn't very attracted to the moss rose
plants I've seen. Then one year, I saw these amazing, white Moss Rose flowers. Since then, I've had a pot of Moss Roses on my budget balcony each summer. And each summer I've been pleased with them.

I have recently returned from a week away from my apartment, during a heatwave, and the Moss Rose continues to do well while my other plants have either wilted or nearly died. I hadn't thought of asking someone to water my plants while I was away. Drought-tolerant is only one of the good traits about the Moss Rose.

  • does well in full sun
  • tolerates heat
  • prefers desert-like conditions
  • is an "easy" care plant
  • is easy to propagate (self-seeds or from cuttings)
  • is an annual, so it does not need overwintering care
  • is inexpensive and easy-to-find

the white Moss Rose that made me fall in love

Successful Budget Balcony Gardens

While gardeners who enjoy the act of gardening, budget balcony gardens are more successful with plants that are appropriate for the conditions found on your balcony or patio. My balcony is covered, so rainfall does not benefit my plants. My balcony is exposed to direct sun for the vast majority of the day. Plants that do the best on my balcony can tolerate full sun, heat, and sometimes drought. If you explore the plants that are suited to your balcony, you too can have a successful container garden on your balcony.

A brief video I found on Youtube about Portulaca Grandiflora:

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  1. I have previously planted moss roses myself. I tend to lean toward pink, but I have to say your white moss rose is quite lovely! I like the smaller blooms that add a nice balancing ground cover for my flower bed.

    1. Never used them as a ground cover. Thanks Cynthia.

  2. Nice to have a plant that will survive drought conditions due to non-watering... LOL. Your moss rose is gorgeous!

  3. I used to send these in a hanging basket to my father for his birthday. He loved them and now so does hubby.