Sunday, September 11, 2016

Seasonal Decor - Summer Sunflowers

Sonnenblume Hullkelch CC by SA 3.0
Sunflowers bloom from mid-summer into autumn.  As the remnants of summer hangs on, large sunflower heads bend - heavy with seeds. Sunflower festivals and acres upon acres of sunflower fields are in bloom here in Maryland and in other states across the US. Bright yellow and orange sunflowers are a perfect and inexpensive seasonal theme for your balcony or patio decor.

The very best part of decorating a small balcony seasonally is that it can be done on a small budget. In a small space, only two or three new items will give your outdoor living space an entirely different look.

If you purchase wisely, your items can be reused each year. As summer vacation rolls into back-to-school, beach season is ending, and autumn has not yet begun, you can bring sunflowers from the fields - literally or not - onto your budget balcony.

Decorating with Silk Flower and Beautiful Vases

Fresh cut flowers are beautiful and a favorite choice for decorating in homes.  I am also pleased to see that sunflowers are used in bridal arrangements during this time of year.  What a pretty idea! Cut sunflowers are beautiful.  My balcony is well-lit and quite hot in late afternoons.  So my flower arrangements must be flowers grown in containers or silk arrangements - as cut flowers would not last long at all in the heat and direct sunlight.

Fortunately, there are many gorgeous silk flowers available today.  Including bouquets of sunflowers. If you have a small table or shelf on your balcony, a pitcher or vase full of these bright, happy flowers adds a wonderful pop of color.

Long lasting and colorful sunflower silk flowers

Decorating Large Planters with Sunflower Plant Stakes

I love plant stakes.  One or two strategically placed plant stakes add a focal point and color to your balcony. Whether your style is realism or whimsy, you can find a plant stake that gives you a little spark of happiness when you see it. Plant stakes also come in a large variety of materials; nylon spinners, solar lighted stakes, and painted metal to name a few.

The intricate, metal, painted garden stakes are the ones that tend to catch my eye.  This is an example of a detailed metal garden stake but you definitely do not need to limit yourself to this style.

Painted metal sunflower garden stake

Sunflower Indoor Outdoor Floor Mats

Outdoor floor mats are gorgeous and an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your balcony during each season.  They are made for the outdoors - weather resistant and durable. Again, this is an item that comes in a large variety of styles and materials.  Whimsical or realistic, subdued or neon bright, low pile or reminiscent of "shag", you can find something that speaks to you.

Please note that if you have a wooden balcony, as I do, and you like small rugs on your balcony, you must take care to monitor that the rugs are not holding too much water between the rug and the wood.  Nasty things happen when moisture is retained between carpets and wooden floors.

I tend to prefer the traditional rectangular "welcome mat" style.And I had planned on displaying one of those. However, this particular mat is so adorable that I've put on in my Amazon cart and decided to share this adorable sunflower mat with you.

Indoor and outdoor sunflower mat

Small Garden Flags

Mini garden flags are a wonderful and inexpensive way to change your balcony decor for the season. The garden flag pole is a one-time purchase. From that point, The 12" x 18" small garden flags are the perfect size for a balcony or patio and the choices of prints and messages are infinite. This milk cow and sunflower field garden flags makes me smile.

Small garden flag - printed on both sides

Sunflower Lights

I occasionally place lights on my balcony.  I love seeing the twinkle of subtle and colorful lights outside at night.  I'd place lights on my balcony more often if I weren't such a lazy decorator.  I have seen some gorgeous and tasteful silk flower garlands with lights wrapped around handrails. Such lights can be purchased as traditional "Christmas Tree" strings or strings of lights on the tiniest coppers wires.  These strings can be electrical, battery operated, or solar.  Whatever power source you require or prefer on your balcony, you can find plenty of color and shape options.

I think these little solar powered sunflower lights are adorable! The would look great wrapped around my balcony rail with a garland of miniature green leaves.

Battery operated string of sunflower lights

Sunflower Seat Cushions and Pillow Covers

Imagine a light yellow bench cushion with a sunflower printed throw pillow.  Or, slightly less budget-minded, a sunflower printed bench cushion with a yellow throw pillow.  Either of those choices would spruce up a late summer time balcony with no other seasonal items necessary.

With the exception of two folding chairs, I do not have furniture on my small balcony.  I do use printed cushions and pillows for both seating and decorating.  I love how textiles can change the entire feel of an area. And prints can be chosen to display an individuals taste. I think our personalities shine through our print choices.

Indoor outdoor sunflower throw pillow

Sunny yellow indoor outdoor furniture cushion

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Be sure to visit and follow me on the Budget Balcony Living Pinterest board.  I'd love to see your ideas for those budget balcony, patio, and outdoor living ideas.


  1. My husbands favorite flower is a sunflower. Unfortunately for him, I am not particularly fond of the color yellow so we don't have a lot of sunflowers around our home. I do love them in flower arrangements though, so we frequently have a mixed arrangement that includes sunflowers in the fall.

    Now, having said all of that, I do like the sunflower rug you have featured and I love those throw pillows. Perhaps I will surprise my sweetheart with a pretty sunflower throw pillow for his backyard chair.

    1. I don't care for yellow walls or clothes at all. But I do love yellow sunflowers and yellow tulips. Strange. I had never thought of that before. Aren't those pillows adorable?! I do hope to grow a large patch of sunflowers up at The Shack. So far, something eats them as soon as they sprout. So I suppose I won't have any luck until I live up there.

  2. I enjoy sunflower decor and have a Monet Sunflower print on the mantel as well as a small sunflower arrangement in the guest bath. I like your throw pillow, too, and was particularly drawn to the welcome flag with the cow as I do love farm animals. I'm thinking that flag might look very nice in the front flower bed. Hmm... Appreciate the inspiration!

    1. You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing enthusiasm over the cow and flower flag. It just makes me smile.

  3. I'm not a big fan of yellow, but I do love those sunflower lights and could easily see myself using them on our balcony as I imagine they would produce a lovely warm glow while looking gorgeous.

    1. I'm not typically a fan of yellow either. But i sure love yellow flowers. If you try the lights, please let me know if you like them. At my sons wedding they used very similar lights wrapped on the handrails with grapevines. It was so gorgeous.

  4. I love these sunflower items. I wouldn't want yellow walls, but I rather like yellow accessories. I admit to liking the cow with the sunflowers.

    1. Same here. I don't want yellow walls or clothes. But I too really like that cow!

  5. I love these sunflower items. I wouldn't want yellow walls, but I rather like yellow accessories. I admit to liking the cow with the sunflowers.

  6. Having spent quite a bit of time living in Kansas over the years (in addition to marrying a Kansas boy), I've naturally grown to love the Sunflower (the Kansas State Flower). So these sunflower selections are very appealing. BTW, to be different, the color Yellow happens to be my favorite color. :)

    1. :) I bet Kansas sunflowers are plentiful! It seems that there are more sunflower fields here over the years.... but I think it's a relatively new thing for our area. I'm loving the sunflower fields!

  7. Love sunflowers they are just so happy looking, it's hard to stay in a bad mood when you are looking at these lovelies..

    1. I absolutely agree! They just plain look happy.