Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Cheap Seats - Cushions and Poufs

Outdoor Decorative Pillows
Even though many balconies are very small in square footage, they can be big on comfort. You can save money and show more of your personality using found items, cushions, and poufs.  Your budget balcony can be transformed into a welcoming space - adding living space to your apartment.

Cushions as Seating

With the exception of my balcony garden, I like to keep my balcony as uncluttered as possible. That's why I have chosen to not purchase outdoor furniture. Instead, I use a variety of throws and cushions when I'm sitting outside.  Unfortunately, most of my throws and cushions are not indoor/outdoor. So I have the extra task of carrying them back inside after every use.

To solve that minor problem, I have begun shopping for outdoor cushions. The good news is that there are currently many beautiful indoor/outdoor cushions and pillows to choose from.  The sky is the limit in regards to patterns and colors. My plan is to have a stack of cushions that can remain outdoors and can be used as needed.

Balcony Designs from AVSO.Org

Turning Found Items into Seating

I like the idea of using found items as seating. This photograph shows how to turn wooden crates, textiles, and pillows into functional seating. I've seen storage tubs,trunks, benches, and milk crates used similarly. One of the bonuses to using found items instead of patio furniture is the ease of moving the items into the apartment and onto the balcony. They are also space-saving and often provide additional storage.

Balcony Designs from

Outdoor Poufs

Poufs are GREAT for extra seating. They are popular and beautiful. They come in a wide range of colors.  I'm not sure that I would use one on my balcony without bringing it indoors at nice since it is made with cotton materials and filled with beans.  My balcony faces into the rain, which is great for my garden but probably not great for a bean-filled chair. However, on a protected balcony or used outside on nice days, it is a beautiful seating solution.

Balcony Designs from AVSO.Org

DIY Seating

Human creativity never ceases to amaze me.  And this is an example of that creativity.  Lumber, cushions, paint, and cinder blocks are used to make semi-permanent outdoor seating.  This seating is far larger than needed for my balcony. In fact, it is about 1/2 of the footprint of my balcony. But Meg Made Creations shows two smaller versions that would fit on my balcony.

DIY seating by Be Happy Be Me

There are many inexpensive and creative ways to personalize your balcony and create a welcoming area.  These are just a few.

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  1. Wonderful suggestions and ideas! We carry our chair cushions in and out every time we go outside. It is kind of a pain, but worth it. Btw, I love that cinder block seat. A very creative idea indeed!